Camp G.R.O.W. – Girls of the rebbe out west

About Us

Administrative Directors:

Rabbi Mendy & Tzipi Lipskier

Directors of Chabad of Fountain Hills since 2010


Assistant Directors:

Rabbi Chaim & Mushkie Loschak


Camp Guidance & Advisement:

Rabbi Zalman Levertov – Head Shliach, State of Arizona

Rabbi Zalmy Kudan
Director of Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp West Coast
Director of CGI S. Barbara

Talented & Dedicated Head Staff:

 Zelda Amar – Ruchniyus Director

Teen Camp Head Counselor – Sarahle Zippel and Mushkie Brashevitsky

Teen Camp Activity Director – Chaya Jacobson

Junior Camp Head Counselors – Faigy Liberow and Tzivi Rabin 

Junior Camp Activity Director – Rivky Weiss






Our Vision

With the growing need for Chassidishe overnight camp experiences for our girls, camp G.R.O.W. (Girls of the Rebbe Out West) was born.

 This camp is geared towards the girls of Anash and Shluchim, designed and modeled after the Chasidishe camps that we all  grew up with.

Girls of the Rebbe Out West promises to provide a safe, Chassidish, fun and wholesome camp experience in the picturesque setting of the White Mountains in Arizona.


What are the goals of Camp G.R.O.W.?

The answer is in our name!  We are Girls of the Rebbe Out West.  This camp is geared towards the girls of Anash and Shluchim, designed and modeled after the Chasidishe camps that we all grew up with. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of the White Mountains in Arizona we are growing in our hiskashrus to the Rebbe and our love for Torah and Mitzvos and our fellow friends.  Camp GROW offers a warm, supportive and chassidishe environment for our campers and staff.  

Our talented Ruchnius director has an amazing program planned for the girls.  Sneak Peek: Chitas club, daily Shiurim, nightly “Rebbe Time”, Tzivos Hashem competitions, Farbrengens and amazing incentives.  We won’t leave our staff out!  Special learning opportunities and Farbrengens are in the plans for them as well.

Where is camp taking place?

Our campsite is on a beautiful 55 acre campground in the magnificent ponderosa pine forest in Heber, Arizona.   Featuring open fields, hiking trails, volleyball court, basketball courts, game room, bunk rooms, plenty of bathrooms and showers, playground, Ramada, craft room, fire pits,  fully commercialized kitchen, spacious dining hall and a Shul.

Heber is a small city in the White Mountains of Arizona where the high temperature by day is typically in the low 80s, and in the 50s at night.

Menus will be carefully planned to ensure nutritious and delicious meals prepared by our very own camp chefs. 3 daily meals and snacks will be provided.   All chicken and meat will be Lubavitch Shechita. 

Fresh well water and ice will be available to the girls 24/7 to ensure adequate hydration.  No need to send cases of water, a large refillable water bottle is recommended. 

Canteen will be stocked with Nosh and will be available daily for girls to purchase with their spending money. 

How much supervision will the campers have?

Campers will be under the care of responsible and caring counselors.  Our ratio will be a minimum of 1:8 staff camper ratio; 1:10 in the Teen Camp. 

Two Head Counselors for each division and Activity Directors will be with the girls in camp and will accompany the girls on all off-site trips and activities. 

Rabbi Mendy and Tzipi Lipskier will be on the campsite and will be available in case of emergencies c”v.  Rabbi Mendy: 480.776.4763 ~ Tzipi: 480.776.4832

How does my daughter get to camp?

Campers will arrive in camp on Tuesday, July 27th.

Arizona bus will be picking up campers from Chabad of Fountain Hills at 2:00pm. 16830 E. Avenue of the Fountains in Fountain Hills.  The ride is approximately 2 hours long. 

Campers flying in from out of state should be booking  tickets to arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport between 9:30am-1:00pm

Camp will collect the girls from the airport and transport them to the bus. 

Camp office will collect signed waiver and any medications. 

Only one suitcase and duffle bag per camper will be allowed on the bus

When do the girls leave camp?

Campers will leave camp on Monday morning, August 23rd.  We will notify parents when we leave.  Parents pick up their children at Chabad of Fountain Hills two hours after buses leave camp.  

Please ensure that you check through the lost and found and retrieve all your camper’s belongings.  

Girls flying home should book their flights between 3:00pm-6:00pm from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  We will send them with a packed dinner for the flight. 

Will there be a Visiting Day? How do I keep in touch with my daughter during camp?

We will not be having visiting day in camp this year.  In addition, due to Covid-19, we will not allow any visitors on the campgrounds during the camp session. 

Campers will be allowed to call home once a week following a bunk rotation schedule.  The schedule will be emailed to parents during the first week of camp.

Will emails and packages be allowed to be received in camp?

You can send your daughter a package, clearly labeled with her name and grade, to:

Camp G.R.O.W.

c/o Camp Shadow Pines

300 State Route 260

Heber, AZ 85928


You will have a way to send your camper an email through the camp website only.  We will print them out daily and deliver it to the girls during meal times. 

What is Camp’s Health Policy?

Our Health Care Administrator (Nurse, EMT) will be on site at all times.  Any camper bringing medication to camp, will hand it in to the camp and it will be administered by the Nurse per the instructions on the camper’s health form.  We take care to keep all health information private and make it comfortable for the camper’s to seek help when necessary.  

All campers must be checked, and if necessary, treated for head lice prior to the start of camp. If your child had lice prior to camp, please let the camp know so we can have an extra eye out for her and remind her to comb daily.  There will be a $125 minimum charge for head lice treatment for a child found with lice.  Please take care of this before camp to avoid unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment for your child. 


 (In case of an emergency, Advanced Life Support is 8 minutes away, and two hospitals at 45 miles distance.  We are also fortunate to have a police substation on the camp grounds.)

What kind of activities and trips are being planned?

We are lucky to have many sports fields and an indoor gym on camp grounds.  Girls will participate in Sports, Art, Electives, Swimming (twice a week, COVID regulations permitting) Team-building, Archery, Baking and many skill-based workshops.  The camp boast beautiful scenic paths leading to areas to watch the sunriseTrips will include Bowling, Kayaking, sight-seeing, Ropes course, Horseback riding, and outings of that nature.  Please note that the Covid restrictions can sometimes impact the choice of trip as it gets closer to the trip date.  We will remain positive and flexible and provide the girls with a must fun experience – no matter the circumstance!

What devices can I send with my daughter to camp?

None! In order to give our girls a wholesome experience, this is a no-screen camp.  The girls spend all year long on screens and we’d like this to be a break from that for them.  Please do not send cellphones of any kind to camp.  If they will be travelling with a phone, it will be collected as they get on the bus and returned when they arrive in Phoenix after camp.  Do not bring cellphones, Ipods, MP3 players, computers, or radios to camp.  If found, they will be confiscated.  Digital cameras or waterproof cameras are allowed but not necessary.  Camp will take plenty of pictures and share it with your families. 

Can my daughter request a bunkmate?

When filling out your forms, there will be an option to request 2 bunkmates.  We will try our best to honor at least one request per camper.