Camp G.R.O.W. – Girls of the rebbe out west

About Us

Administrative Directors:
Rabbi Mendy & Tzipi Lipskier
Directors of Chabad of Fountain Hills since 2010


Camp Guidance & Advisement:

Rabbi Zalman Levertov – Head Shliach, State of Arizona

Rabbi Zalmy Kudan
Director of Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp West Coast
Director of CGI S. Barbara

Talented & Dedicated Program Directors – To be announced soon!

Our Vision

With the growing need for Chassidishe overnight camp experiences for our girls, camp G.R.O.W. (Girls of the Rebbe Out West) was born.

Girls of the Rebbe Out West promises to provide a safe, Chassidish, fun and wholesome camp experience in the picturesque setting of the White Mountains in Arizona.

Parent Handboook